Anja Kreysing (accordion / electronics)
Helmut Buntjer (trombone / euphonium / electronics)

performance, electro acoustic environments, live-soundinstallations, accompaniment for silent film

this honourable fish is music for the cinema of the mind.

this honourable fish works in the tradition of experimental / noise, contemporary music, musique concrete and folklore imaginaire in the meaning of Béla Bartók and is always cinematic without necessarily showing images.

besides the own musically and performative work “this honourable fish” aka Helmut Buntjer and Anja Kreysing curates “Schwarz-weiss ist die bessere Farbe” in and around Münster / Germany, where (historical) silent film meets contemporary music in special silent film concert-events at peculiar venues. (www.swfilmmuenster.de, see compact infos also at thisfish.de/filmfish)

„…From desolate soundscapes with repeated, lugubrious long-held notes on trombone to strange accordion transmogrifications, the track consists mostly of atmospheres, textures and various, hard to identify extraneous noises and found sounds – like assorted percussion, static or sonic detritus–, plus occasional reading of Celan in German. The minimalist accordion at times sounds like the sho in a John Cage composition like Two4 (1991). Lait Noir Du Matin is a beautiful piece of music I will return to often…“  (continuo-docs)