fish in Arnhem / NL

image: Max Kuiper

image: Max Kuiper

fish in Arnhem / NL – 24.9.2016

r\a\w f\o\r\m\s presents: ‘Lait Noir du Matin’.

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‘Lait Noir du Matin’ is the title of a four-hour performance that will take place in the Transmutebuilding in Arnhem.

In the building an electro-acoustic environment will be created, based on the ‘Todesfuge’ by Paul Celan.

Performed by ‘this honourable fish’ (Germany),
consisting of:
Helmut Buntjer: trombone / euphonium / electronics;
Anja Kreysing: accordion / electronics.

+ Additional sounds by Les Horribles Travailleurs.


Saturday 24 september 2016


During the ‘Code Rood’ event, with several exhibitions on the former militairy complex ‘Buitenplaats Koningsweg’, now a ‘cultural enclave’, north of Arnhem.
Koningsweg 23A, Arnhem