this honourable fish @ Cassiopeia #1 mit Sterile Garden, Lavas/Magmas, Les Horribles Travailleurs, 31.7.2017, Münster


Cassiopeia #1 – Station der European ‘Cityproject’ tour (19 Juli – 6 Aug.) von
Sterile Garden (USA) ; Lavas/Magmas (USA) ; Les Horribles Travailleurs (NL)
mit support von This honourable fish (D)

Audiovisuelles live-event mit Künstlerfilmen von Les Horribles Travailleurs, This honourable fish & Anja Kreysing und industrial soundcollages & cinematic soundpoetry an der “Schildkröte” neben der B-Side.

“The ‘Cityproject’ constists of ‘Psychogeographic soundcollages’, and has sounds of cities intergrated in the sets.
We work with fieldrecordings and other citysounds, also music that has The City as subject, provided beforehand by a soundartists living in the cities we will visit/.
Each of us will have a soloset with these citysounds combined with or own material.”

Mehr Info zur European Cityproject tour:

Sterile Garden (usa)
Industrial soundcollage

Lavas/Magmas (usa)
Experimental psychedelic-industrial music

Les Horribles Travailleurs (eur)

This honourable fish
Helmut Buntjer (trombone / euphonium / electronics) Anja Kreysing (accordion / electronics): performance, electro-acoustic environments, live-soundinstallations, accompaniment for silent film. this honourable fish is music for the cinema of the mind. this honourable fish operates in the tradition of experimental / noise, contemporary music, musique concrete and folklore imaginaire in the meaning of Béla Bartók and is always cinematic without showing necessarily images.